Alex Beyrodt - Weekend Warrior

Alex Beyrodt - well known in the hard rock and metal scene as guitarist for PRIMAL FEAR, VODOO CIRCLE and ROCK MEETS CLASSIC amongst many others - has finally fulfilled himself a long time dream and released his first instrumental solo album through A1 Records.
Some of the tunes on this CD will come quite as a surprise to the listener and also cover various genres away from Alex´ regular main work.

Alex played and recorded all instruments on the "Weekend Warrior" titled album himself at his home studio in France.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered 10 of the 11 tracks on the new album at his BACKYARD STUDIOS in Kempten.

Since the release in april already quite a lot of good press reviews have been published:,39162.html

Stefan Kramer - Bullet Coffee - CD Veröffentlichung

About 10 years ago STEFAN KRAMER recoded at the BACKYARDS STUDIOS for the first time - back then still as the drummer for the alternative band NOFFENCE.
In the meantime the young artist has grown up to multi - instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.
During the Corona lockdowns the first two songs of STEFAN KRAMER as a solo artist have been professionally produced now, resulting in two super catchy german alternative rock tunes.

During the production Stefan kept sending his demos online to the studio, while Sebastian "Basi" Roeder as sort of a "remote producer" would return them with further ideas, arrangement changes and additional keyboard - and sample tracks. An ongoing process over several months until both -artist and producer - liked the result.
Afterwards Stefan did not only lay down all tracks for drums, bass and guitar himself but also recorded himself in his home studio.
Just the brass recordings and of course all vocal recordings took place at the "real" studio.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered the tracks at his BACKYARD STUDIOS.

The first pre-single "Verlangen" was released as a lyric video in mid march and can be seen here:
Renowned newspaper "Augsburger Allgemeine" just published an article about this young artist and this first single managed to collect considerable clicks for a newcomer within a short time - so far without the help of a record company, promotion agency and without the support of live shows.

Today the main single "Bullet Coffee" premiered on You Tube. Stefan first real video clip was also completely self made with the help of some friends !
Please click and share it - this young man deserves some attention !

For all those who still value it a physical CD can also be ordered now via STEFAN KRAMER´s website:

All the best for you Stefan, many clicks to come and may your audience grow every day.
We hope to hear more great new music from you soon !

OUT OF THIS WORLD - Live from the HEAT CD Release

OUT OF THIS WORLD is a relatively new band founded by the legendary ex-EUROPE guitarist Kee Marcello and FAIR WARNING singer Tommy Heart.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and co-produced their live album "Live from the Heat" at the BACKYARD STUDIOS and also mixed one track ("Not tonight") on their self titled debut studio album OUT OF THIS WORLD.
Both albums had been released separately and as a double album package only in Japan first already back in 2021 (via JVC VICTOR), have afterwards been made available to selected European fans in a limited edition via a crowdfunding campaign through INDIEGOGO but are now finally and officially world wide available through Markus Staiger´s new label ATOMIC FIRE Records. Release Date 14.01.2022. Check it out !
We wish OUT OF THIS WORLD lots of success with both releases and with the new label !

SINNER Album Recordings

SINNER, the legendary german hard rock / metal band around since the 80´s with whom Sebastian "Basi" Roeder has toured as a FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for many years already have just recorded parts of their upcoming album at the BACKYARD STUDIOS.
Drummer Markus Kullmann (also Drummer for VODOO CIRCLE) and the guitarists Tom Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR, ROCK MEETS CLASSIC) and Alex Scholpp (TARJA, FARMER BOYS) came to Kempten in order to record drums and lead guitars for the new album, which is due in 2022, together with engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder.

FOH, Mix, FRONTM3N, Up Close

The entire live music industry is still struck extremely hard by the pandemic.
Almost all planned concerts and shows for 2021 had to be canceled or postponed (again).
The british band FRONTM3N were lucky enough to be able to play at least bigger parts of their “Up Close” tour during the few timeframes where restrictions had been lifted far enough to make it somehow possible.
FRONTM3N, whose last 2 live CDs/DVDs have been mastered at the BACKYARD STUDIOS, are:
Peter Howarth (The Hollies), Pete Lincoln (Sailor, Sweet, Smokie) und Mick Wilson (10 CC).
Sebastian “Basi” Roeder had the great pleasure to run FOH-mix for these fantastic musicians on parts of this year´s tour at these shows:

28.07.21 D-Regensburg
29.07.21 D-Remchingen
01.08.21 D-Würzburg
02.08.21 D-Bamberg

04.11.21 D-Augsburg
05.11.21 D-Laupheim
06.11.21 D-Bietigheim-Bissingen
07.11.21 D-Mannheim
09.11.21 D-Heidenheim
10.11.21 D-Hallstadt
11.11.21 D-Ansbach
12.11.21 D-Dreieich
14.11.21 D-Lübeck

Himmelschrofen Musik

The church organ recordings with cantor Katharina Pohl from past spring have been released on CD now under the title of “Himmelschrofen Musik”.
Sebastian “Basi” Roeder was in charge of the live recording on site in the church, as well as the editing and mastering of the CD at the Backyard Studios.
“Himmelschrofen Musik” can be ordered directly at the protestant church community in Oberstdorf.


9 years and countless successful shows after the original production, which had also been produced at the Backyard Studios, Musical Star Espen Nowacki decided to fully rework and re-release his musical for kids “Captain Silberzahn”.
Nico Gaik re-arranged all the music and the songs were re-recorded with the established line up of Eva Kuperion, Espen Nowacki and Michael Müller.
Different from the orginal version this time also the entire story was produced as a full radioplay.
Just like 2012 Sebastian “Basi” Roeder was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering the new CD at his Backyard Studios.
The CD and all show dates are available at

KREATOR Summer Festivals

Quite a few hurdles had to be taken before KREATOR could embark on their short “The Demon Unleashed” summer tour.
Vaccination – plus test certificates, passenger locator forms, a carnet and a 10 day UK quarantine were required before headlining the legendary Bloodstock Festival in UK.
The journey went on via the Alcatraz festival in Belgium to the Summer Hell Event in HU-Budapest and a club show at Music Hall in AT-Innsbruck before flying to the Covid proof mini editions of the Resurrection and Metal Paradise Festivals in Spain.
As usual Sebastian “Basi” Roeder mixed KREATOR´s FOH-sound and was as tourmanager in charge of the organization of the entire endeavour.

AMARANTHE at Kuopio Rock Festival

The past summer finally brought back at least a partial return of live shows.If only for a short a while.
Sebastian “Basi” Roeder traveled to Finland as FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE who were headlining the 2nd stage of Kuopio Rock Festival.
What a big hello after 1 ½ years of no shows due to the pandemic.
Sadly only shortly after it turned out to remain the only AMARANTHE show possible in 2021 with all other planned concerts postponed again to next year…
Live concert picture provided courtesy of AJ Johansson Photo and Video.

Voice Recordings for SFR

One of the characters for the swiss radio audio play "Schwindel.Gefuehle" was recently recorded at the Backyard Studios.
Due to travel - and contact restrictions in Covid times this recording had to be done as a remote production:
Author Ralf Buecheler and his producers from swiss radio were connected remotely via Session Link Pro software and could listen in real time and direct the production while engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder and narrator Gabi Striegl were recording Gabi´s parts at the Backyard Studios in Kempten.