Mit Primal Fear beim Pegorock Festival

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled to PEGOROCK Festival as the FOH-Soundengineer and tourmanager for PRIMAL FEAR.
This gig was also the welcome show for the new drummer Francesco Jovino ( ex U.D.O.) - of course in his home country italy !


More than 45.000 people came to visit the first edition of the ROCKAVARIA festival in munich´s Olympic Park.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was on duty as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR in the Olympic Stadium.


Last weekend Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was on double-duty as the tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for the two bands KREATOR and SINNER at the ROCK HARD FESTIVAL in Gelsenkirchen / Germany.

Rhapsody "Rosenkreuz"

RHAPSODY released the first single from the upcoming album "Prometheus" (Release Date: june 19th) via Nuclear Blast.The song "Rosenkreuz" was - as the rest of the album - recorded and mixed by Sebastian "Basi" Roeder in the Backyard Studios Kempten and produced by mastermind Luca Turilli himself. "Rosenkreuz" can be watched and listened to in the worldwide web by clicking the following link:


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for the swiss rock legend KROKUS on their first US tour in 10 years.
Following their performances on the Monsters of Rock cruise, the band - featuring singer Marc Storace, bass player and producer Chris von Rohr as well as guitarist Mandy Meyer - played another 11 shows on the north american continent, starting in Houston / Texas and finishing the tour with two shows in the legendary Whisky A Go Go club in Los Angeles.
Those were our tour dates:
24.04.15 Houston
25.04.15 San Antonio
26.04.15 Dallas
28.04.15 Tulsa
29.04.15 Kansas City
01.05.15 St.Charles
02.05.15 Columbia
04.05.15 El Paso
05.05.15 Las Vegas
06.05.15 Los Angeles
07.05.15 Los Angeles
The picture shows from left to right:
Tourmanager and FOH-engineer Basi Roeder, Sasa Erletic from the european management Bottom Row, monitor engineer Poppy Herdener, backline tech Phipu Gerber, guitarist Dominique Favez, singer Marc Storace, US-manager Peter Waelti, bass player and producer Chris von Rohr, guitarist Mandy Meyer, drummer Flavio Mezzodi.
And the tour bus...


A very special CD got produced in the BACKYARD STUDIOS: "Logopädie mit Magie" is an interactive CD, aiming to help children that suffer from certain pronunciation difficulties in a playful way to get rid of their problem. The new and interactive concept, allowing the young listeners to determine the course of the told stories themselves was developped by speech therapist Tanja Rosenkranz together with magician Tobi van Deisner. The CD comes with a comprehensive booklet including plenty of tips and explanations. Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering the CD in the BACKYARD STUDIOS. "Logopädie mit Magie" and further infos can be ordered via www.logopädische-hö


Musical singer and composer Espen Nowacki returned to the BACKYARD STUDIOS for the CD-production of his new musical for children "Ritter Roland und Prinzessin Willnicht".
Following the success of the 2012 production "Captain Silberzahn", Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge for recording, mixing and mastering of the new CD once again.
"Ritter Roland und Prinzessin Willnicht" can be ordered from Wacky Productions.


The neue deutsche Härte / industrial metal band BIONIC ANGEL released their second album "Masquerade".
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge of drum recording, guitar reamping, mixing and co-producing in the Backyard Studios.


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked on the MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE as the FOH-soundengineer and tourmanager of the swiss hard rock legend KROKUS.
The band played 2 successfull shows aboard the MSC Divina during this 5 day cruise from Miami / USA to Nassau / Bahamas and back.


Located more than 2000 meters high in the swiss mountains and in front of the impressive and world famous Eiger Nordwand the SNOWPENAIR took place last weekend.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked there as the FOH-soundengineer of the swiss hard rock legend KROKUS.