FOH for Pretty Maids

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed FOH on several shows in Germany, Sweden and Denmark for the danish hard rock legends PRETTY MAIDS.

Frontm3n FOH

FRONTM3N ist a new project of 3 guys that have been around and known for quite a while:
Pete Lincoln, lead singer for THE SWEET, Peter Howarth, lead singer for THE HOLLIES and Mick Wilson, lead singer for 10CC, teamed up to become the acoustic trio FRONTM3N.
Stripped down to just 3 voices and 3 acoustic guitars - they present the biggest hits of their own bands as well as songs from the era when they got to know each other as background singers in the band of Cliff Richard.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed 4 Shows as FOH-Sound Engineer:
Nov. 30th 16 Augsburg
Dec. 01st 16 Ludwigsburg
Dec. 02nd 16 Mannheim
Dec. 03rd 16 Butzbach

Tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR

What a year...
It was a total of 74 shows this year that Sebastian "Basi" Roeder did as a tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer with the german metal band PRIMAL FEAR on their world tour.In 2016 we traveled to 24 different countries on 5 different continents.
The last shows for 2016 were the headlining position at the FRONTIERS METAL FESTIVAL in italy and the band´s performance at METAL HAMMER PARADISE festival in germany.
Thanks to Mat, Ralf, Tom, Alex, Cesco and the whole PRIMAL FEAR crew for a very busy but fantastic year together on the road !

Soundengineer for Tarja

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder ran FOH-sound for the former NIGHTWISH singer TARJA (Turunen) on the october leg of her "The Shadow Self" tour 2016.


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked as FOH-soundengineer for the danish metal legend PRETTY MAIDS and the german/swiss/US band UNISONIC around legendary singer Michael Kiske at the LOVECH ROCK FESTIVAL in Bulgaria on September 22nd and 23rd and as Tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR at their performance at ROCKNACHT TENNWIL in Switzerland on September 24th.

Latin American Tour with RHAPSODY and PRIMAL FEAR

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder toured for 3 weeks as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer with PRIMAL FEAR and LUCA TURILLI´S RHAPSODY in Latin America.
We did 12 shows in 10 different countries all over the Latin American continent.
End of tour picture from left to right:
Guitartech Urs Künzi, Tourmanager / FOH Engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder, Tourpromoter Eric de Haas, Rhapsody Bass Player Patrice Guers, Drumtech Michele Sanna, Primal Fear Drummer Francesco Jovino, Rhapsody Drummer Alex Landenburg, Primal Fear Guitar Player Tom Naumann, Rhapsody Guitar Player Dominique Leurquin, Primal Fear Bass Player and Mastermind Mat Sinner, Rhapsody Guitar Player and Mastermind Luca Turilli, Primal Fear Singer Ralf Scheepers, Primal Fear Guitar Player Alex Beyrodt, Luca Turilli´s Assistant Nadia Bellir, Rhapsody Singer Ale Conti.

Festival Summer

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled to several summer festivals in july and august, taking care of various artists as FOH-Soundengineer and tourmanager.
In detail:
21.07.16 TARJA Deichbrand Festival (GER) FOH
23.07.16 TARJA Amphi Festival (GER) FOH
27.07.16 KREATOR Metal Days (SLO) FOH + TM
29.07.16 SINNER 7er (GER) FOH + TM
30.07.16 SINNER Pyraser Rocknacht (GER) FOH + TM
30.07.16 PINK CREAM 69 Pyraser Rocknacht (GER) FOH + TM
26.08.16 BRAINSTORM Metalacker (GER) FOH
27.08.16 BRAINSTORM Neuborn Open Air (GER) FOH

All over europe in 3 days with KREATOR

The journey continued straight from the RHAPSODY show at the MASTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL in Vizovice in Czech Republic to spain:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR back to back to ROCK FEST BARCELONA (Spain), GEFLE METAL FESTIVAL (Sweden) and CHANIA ROCK FESTIVAL (Crete/Greece).


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled to Czech Republic, responsible for RHAPSODY´s FOH sound at their performance at MASTERS OF ROCK Festival.

´VARIX "Fear of God"

A small US-label recently re-discovered the 1995 demo tapes of the southern germany based metal band VARIX and asked for permission to release the old material.
Thus coming back together after more than 20 years the band decided to also write and record one brand new song to put on the release.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering for this new tune called "Fear of God" in his BACKYARD STUDIOS.
CD will be out shortly.
The picture shows drummer Andy Black during the recording session.