With KREATOR in Japan at the Thrash Domination Festival

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR to Japan.
The band around mastermind Mille Petrozza played 3 shows there:
Twice headlining the THRASH DOMINATION festival in Tokyo on january 9th and 10th and a single headline show in Osaka on january 12th.

New RHAPSODY Single "Il Cigno Nero (reloaded)" out

RHAPSODY released their new single "Il Cigno Nero" on NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.
The song, already known from the band´s last album "Prometheus", was remixed by Sebastian "Basi" Roeder in the BACKYARD STUDIOS.
You can listen to the new single here:

KREATOR december tour

The last tour of this very busy year 2015 just got finished.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled as the tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Mexico.
For two weeks we spent about the same amount of time in the air like on the ground...
Final stop of the tour and a great finale for this year´s touring activities was a sold out show in Monterrey / Mexico.
Those were our tour dates on this last run:

12/02/15 Kyiv (Ukraine)
12/03/15 Moscow (Russia)
12/04/15 Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)
12/05/15 St.Petersburg (Russia)
12/07/15 Ekaterinburg (Russia)
12/08/15 Minsk (Belarus)
12/10/15 Mexico City (Mexico)
12/12/15 Monterrey (Mexico)

FOH for Y&T on the european tour 2015

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder just returned from more than 6 weeks of touring all over Europe as the FOH-Soundengineer for the californian hard rock band Y&T.
The band around singer / guitar player Dave Meniketti started touring back in 1974 (!) and played 28 shows in 8 different countries on this european leg of the tour.
Those were the dates:

October 01st, Pamplona, Spain
October 02nd, Vitoria, Spain
October 03rd, Santander, Spain
October 04th, Gijón, Spain
October 07th, Oslo, Norway
October 09th, Stockholm, Sweden
October 10th, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 13th, Kortrijk, Belgium
October 15th, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
October 16th, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
October 17th, Leiden, Netherlands
October 18th, Heerlen, Netherlands
October 21st, Siegburg, Germany
October 23rd, Aschaffenburg, Germany
October 24th, Isernhagen, Germany
October 25th, Hamburg, Germany
October 28th, Southampton, UK
October 30th, Bilston, UK
October 31st, London, UK
November 01st, Cardiff, Wales, UK
November 03rd, Manchester, UK
November 05th, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
November 06th, Newcastle, UK
November 07th, Nottingham, UK
November 08th, Buckley, Wales, UK
November 10th, Dublin, Ireland
November 11th, Belfast, N Ireland, UK
November 13th, Oxford, UK

KREATOR Summer Festival Tour

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder recently flew all across Europe (and the Middle East) as the Tourmanager and FOH-Soundengineer for KREATOR, who were performing at quite a few summer festivals within the last weeks.
Those were our stops in august and september:

06.08.15 BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL, Jaromer, Czech Republic
07.08.15 RELOAD FESTIVAL, Sulingen, Germany
08.08.15 LEYENDAS DEL ROCK, Villena, Spain
13.08.15 SUMMERBREEZE FESTIVAL, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
14.08.15 SABATON OPEN AIR, Falun, Sweden
15.08.15 ELB RIOT, Hamburg, Germany
16.08.15 ZAXID FEST, Rodatychi, Ukraine
21.08.15 MORE THAN FEST, Banska Bystrica, Slowakia
28.08.15 BARBY CLUB, Tel Aviv, Israel
29.08.15 PAVILION, Nicosia, Cyprus
30.08.15 HEADBANGER´S WEEKEND, Istanbul, Turkey
12.09.15 OLENSFEST, Olen, Belgium

Arch Enemy in Istanbul

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked as the FOH-soundengineer for the swedish metal band ARCH ENEMY on their performance at 100% METAL FEST / HEADBANGER´S WEEKEND in Istanbul / Turkey.

With KROKUS in Switzerland

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled to Switzerland as the FOH-Soundengineer for the swiss hardrock legend KROKUS performing at the SVIT-Festival in St.Gallen.

Neue CD von Carl Wenning

4 years after his last album the singer / songwriter and folk guitar player Carl Wenning returned to the BACKYARD STUDIOS to record his new CD, again with engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder.
The new CD will contain 12 pure instrumental guitar tracks taken from various genres.
Other than many other rather sterile recordings these days, occasional little noises like squeaks from the artist´s chair, his beat-tapping foot or some buzzing string once in a while were kept and allowed here - the main intention was to create a record as vivid and real as possible, not edit the recording to death, just because we can...

Rock Meets Classic at Rock of Ages Festival and Wacken Open Air

A brand new task was recently waiting for Sebastian "Basi" Roeder:
FOH - Soundengineer for ROCK MEETS CLASSIC !
A huge project with a full symphonic orchestra, rock band (Mat Sinner Band) and world famous lead singers Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Joe Lynn Turner ( Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Kiske (Helloween, Unisonic) and Jennifer Haben (Beyond the Black).
To make the task even more exciting the two summer gigs took place at huge festivals (Rock of Ages, Wacken Open Air), thus no sound checks, very limited preparation time, but still 80 Input Channels to deal with and: "Here we go..."

More summer festivals with HELLOWEEN, KROKUS and AXXIS

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled to Spain, Czech Republic and back to Spain as the FOH-Soundengineer for the german metal legend HELLOWEEN, swiss hard-rockers KROKUS and the german melodic rock band AXXIS.
Those were the shows:
July 24th, Rockfest Barcelona, Spain, HELLOWEEN + AXXIS
July 25th, Benatska Festival, Czech Republic, HELLOWEEN
July 26th, Judas Priest Support Madrid, Spain, HELLOWEEN + KROKUS