Even though the majority of the past news told mostly about various tours around the globe:
There is still a lot going on inside the studio as well !
Since the beginning of january the work on RHAPSODY´s new studio album "Prometheus" got continued - on some (most) of the days almost around the clock...
There were still some lead vocal - and choir - parts to be recorded, afterwards hundred of tracks to sort, choose from and edit before the mix could finally start in the mid of january.
Communication between producer Luca Turilli and mix-engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder is - typically for the year 2015 - held over the internet:
While the mixing progresses in Kempten the producer is listening to the results in his hometown in Trieste / Italy and gives his comments via Skype.
How modern technology has changed the way of working nowadays... :-)
The mastering date and label-deadline are scheduled for the end of february.
The album will be released by NUCLEAR BLAST early this summer.


Already for the 3rd time Sebastian "Basi" Roeder took part in the yearly 70000 TONS OF METAL cruise.
This time on duty as the Tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for MICHAEL SCHENKER´s TEMPLE OF ROCK as well as PRIMAL FEAR.
Within 5 days the cruise went from Fort Lauderdale in the USA to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and back.
Like all 60 of the involved bands both bands had to perform twice on this swimming festival ground during the journey.


Only a few days off for Christmas before Sebastian "Basi" Roeder had to hit the road again, working as the FOH-Engineer and tour manager for SINNER, VODOO CIRCLE, THE NEW BLACK and THE BULLETMONKS.
This "SIN FEST" called mini tour - celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 80s´ legendary german hardrock band SINNER - took place here:

26.12.14 GER-Mannheim
27.12.14 GER-Burglengenfeld
28.12.14 GER-Memmingen


KREATOR´s last world tour went on for more than 2 months and kept Sebastian "Basi" Roeder busy 24/7 from mid of October until Christmas - operating as the band´s FOH-engineer and tour-manager as usual.
53 shows in 12 different countries and on 4 different continents were played on this trip around the world and the days-off were rare...
Those were our dates:

19.10.14 Tokyo Japan
21.10.14 Bogota Columbia
23.10.14 Baltimore USA
24.10.14 New York USA
25.10.14 Worcester USA
26.10.14 Clifton Park USA
27.10.14 Montreal Canada
28.10.14 Quebec City Canada
29.10.14 Toronto Canada
01.11.14 Winnipeg Canada
02.11.14 Regina Canada
03.11.14 Calgary Canada
04.11.14 Edmonton Canada
06.11.14 Vancouver Canada
07.11.14 Seattle USA
08.11.14 Portland USA
10.11.14 San Francisco USA
11.11.14 Los Angeles USA
12.11.14 Anaheim USA
13.11.14 Ramona USA
14.11.14 Tempe USA
15.11.14 Albuquerque USA
16.11.14 Denver USA
18.11.14 Minneapolis USA
19.11.14 Joliet USA
20.11.14 Grand Rapids USA
21.11.14 Detroit USA
22.11.14 Cincinnati USA
23.11.14 Cleveland USA
26.11.14 Lyon France
27.11.14 Istres France
28.11.14 Barcelona Spain
29.11.14 Madrid Spain
01.12.14 Toulouse France
02.12.14 Paris France
04.12.14 Tilburg Netherlands
05.12.14 Ludwigsburg Germany
06.12.14 Oberhausen Germany
07.12.14 Saarbrücken Germany
08.12.14 Hamburg Germany
09.12.14 Berlin Germany
10.12.14 Wien Austria
11.12.14 Wiesbaden Germany
12.12.14 Geiselwind Germany
13.12.14 Munich Germany
14.12.14 Pratteln Switzerland
16.12.14 Birmingham UK
17.12.14 Bristol UK
18.12.14 London UK
19.12.14 Manchester UK
20.12.14 Dublin Ireland
21.12.14 Glasgow UK
22.12.14 Newcastle UK


About a week ago the recordings for Rhapsody´s new album - scheduled to be released by Nuclear Blast in 2015 - started in the Backyard Studios.
On wednesday we had some prominent guests here for the first time - contributing their parts to some choirs on the album - conducted by mastermind Luca Turilli.
The picture shows from left to right:
Alessandro Conti (Rhapsody), Dan Lucas, Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder and Luca Turilli (Rhapsody).


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled to Neuenstadt / Germany on september 12th 2014 as the FOH-engineer for the german hardrock band BONFIRE.


Enes Ludwig and Günter Schwanghart just released their brand new album with the title "guitar meets clarinet".
The CD contains 15 songs of the genres klezmer and jazz.
5 of the tracks were mixed and mastered by Sebastian "Basi" Roeder at Backyard Studios.


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder just returned from a short trip to switzerland and france, working as KREATOR´s tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer at the MEH SUFF festival in Hüttikon (CH) and the GOHELLE festival in Loos en Gohelle (F).


The last of this year´s big summer open airs were on schedule for last week.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked on the ROCK OZ ARENES and the OPEN AIR GAMPEL in switzerland as the FOH-soundengineer for KROKUS and travelled to SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR in Dinkelsbühl / germany and TRUTNOFF OPEN AIR FESTIVAL in czech republic as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR and KREATOR.


A trip through Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and Germany was on Sebastian "Basi" Roeder`s "to do" - list last week. Starting on august 6th in Schaffhausen / Switzerland as the FOH-engineer for KROKUS on their performance at the "Stars in Town" festival, the journey continued to Gävle /Sweden in order to work as tour manager and FOH-engineer for KREATOR performing at the GETAWAY festival. This was followed by a flight to VAGOS OPEN AIR in portugal, where FOH-mix for SOILWORK as well as tour managing and FOH-mix for KREATOR was scheduled before the weekend was closed by a job as tourmanager and FOH-engineer for KREATOR headlining the PARTY SAN FESTIVAL in Schlotheim / Germany.