The italian / german power metal band recently released their new album "Dark Wings of Steel" on AFM Records.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder recorded and edited the drums and mixed the entire album.


The hard rock band BONFIRE recently played some shows as special guest of the danish band Pretty Maids.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge of BONFIRE´s FOH-sound at the following shows:
24.09.13 Verviers / Belgium
27.09.13 Triesen/Liechtenstein
28.09.13 Burgrieden/Germany
07.10.13 Munich/Germany
08.10.13 Bremen/Germany


About one year ago BIONIC ANGEL recorded the drums for their new album in the BACKYARD STUDIOS. The album was mixed earlier this year by Sebastian "Basi" Roeder and will be released soon.
BIONIC ANGEL´s guitar player Nik recently returned to the BACKYARD STUDIOS to create profiles of some of the most famous guitar amps for his KEMPER amp. Making excessive use of the BACKYARD STUDIOS´ guitar-typical microphones - and preamp-collection, Nik´s favorite sounds were captured digitally through a high-end recording chain and tweaked to be used with his KEMPER profiling amp.


The german thrash metal legend KREATOR recently headlined the Mennecy Metal Festival close to Paris in France. Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled there with the band as their FOH-soundengineer and tourmanager.


Last week Sebastian "Basi" Roeder had the great pleasure to do the live sound for two heroes of his youth - BONFIRE and PINK CREAM 69 - on their show at Nuremberg´s Rockfabrik.


After last year´s long european tour the italian / french / finish / german bombast-metal band RHAPSODY recently went out for another short trip.
4 shows within a week´s time - spread over half the globe - seemed to be the goal of the band around mastermind LUCA TURILLI.
After 2 warm up shows in Pratteln / Switzerland and Nuernberg / Germany RHAPSODY flew off to headline the opening night at the legendary Progpower Festival in Atlanta / USA and travelled on right afterwards to play one more show in Mexico City.
As usual Sebastian "Basi" Roeder had the pleasure to work as FOH-soundengineer and tour manager for RHAPSODY on this short trip.


Slowly the festival summer of 2013 is coming to an end.
During the past 3 months Sebastian „Basi“ Roeder had the great pleasure to work with various well known bands at many big festivals all over europe.
The air– miles account got filled up by working for the following artists:

30.May 2013 KREATOR BEASTIVAL Geiselwind Germany TM, FOH
31.May 2013 PINK CREAM 69 METAL FEST Plzen Czech Republic FOH
01.June 2013 KREATOR FORTAROCK Nijmegen Netherlands TM, FOH
08.June 2013 KREATOR SWEDEN ROCK Sölvesborg Sweden TM, FOH
14.June 2013 KREATOR NOVA ROCK Nickelsdorf Austria TM, FOH
15.June 2013 THE SWEET ROCK THE WOLVES Wolfhalden Switzerland MON
21.June 2013 KREATOR HELLFEST Clisson France TM, FOH
22.June 2013 KROKUS HELLFEST Clisson France FOH
27.June 2013 KREATOR ROCKMARATHON Pecs Hungary TM, FOH
28.June 2013 KREATOR GRASPOP Dessel Belgium TM, FOH
29.June 2013 KREATOR TUSKA Helsinki Finland TM, FOH
05.July 2013 KREATOR ROSKILDE Roskilde Denmark TM, FOH
07.July 2013 KREATOR ROCKWAVE Athen Greece TM, FOH
11.July 2013 KREATOR ROCK HARZ Ballenstedt Germany TM, FOH
12.July 2013 BONFIRE BÜRGERFEST Ingolstadt Germany TM, FOH
26.July 2013 KREATOR SKOGSRÖJET Rejmyre Sweden TM, FOH
02.August 2013 KREATOR METAL INVASION Spital am Semmering Austria TM, FOH
03.August 2013 KREATOR HEAVY WATERS Nove Mesto nad Vahom Slovakia TM, FOH
09.August 2013 KREATOR LEYENDAS DEL ROCK Villena Spain TM, FOH
10.August 2013 HELLOWEEN ROCK POD KAMENOM Snina Slovakia FOH
17.August 2013 KREATOR ROCKOVA OSTRAVA Ostrava Czech Republic TM, FOH
31.August 2013 KREATOR MASTERS AT ROCK Torhout Belgium TM, FOH


For the second time already Sebastian "Basi" Roeder had the pleasure to be chosen as the FOH Engineer on an european tour of the german guitar hero Michael Schenker.
The line up of Michael´s band had changed though since the last collaboration and was now featuring the two ex-Scorpions musicians Francis Buchholz and Herman "The German" Rarebell on bass and drums besides Dougie White (ex-Rainbow, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) on vocals and Wayne Findlay of MSG on guitars and keys.
The tour went on for almost two month throughout all europe and those were the shows mixed by Basi:

04.April 2013 St.Petersburg / RU
05.April 2013 Moskau / RU
06.April 2013 Stavropol / RU
07.April 2013 Krasnodar / RU
09.April 2013 Stockton on Tees / UK
10.April 2013 Aberdeen / UK
11.April 2013 Edinburgh / UK
12.April 2013 Newcastle / UK
13.April 2013 Holmfirth / UK
14.April 2013 Warrington / UK
16.April 2013 Falmouth / UK
17.April 2013 Bristol / UK
18.April 2013 Salisbury / UK
19.April 2013 Oxford / UK
20.April 2013 Nottingham / UK
21.April 2013 Norwich / UK
22.April 2013 Dublin / IE
30.April 2013 Dresden / DE
03.May 2013 Barby / DE
04.May 2013 Winterbach / DE
05.May 2013 Mannheim / DE
14.May 2013 Clermont-Ferrand / F
15.May 2013 Basel / CH
16.May 2013 Paris / F
17.May 2013 Dunkerque / F
19.May 2013 Istanbul / TR
22.May 2013 Malmö / SE
24.May 2013 Jönköping / SE
25.May 2013 Stockholm / SE
26.May 2013 Sundsvall / SE


The italian / american / german filmscore-metal band RHAPSODY OF FIRE just released their new double live album " Live-From Chaos to Eternity" on AFM records. The album was recorded using the Backyard Studios´ mobile rig by Sebastian "Basi" Roeder during the band´s european tour in 2012 on which Basi also was in duty as their FOH engineer.
Editing and mix took place in january and february 2013 - again by Basi - this time home in the Backyard Studios in Kempten. The album is available as double CD and triple vinyl, was released worldwide on may 3rd (USA may 7th) and already received numerous positive reviews all over the world.


And once again Sebastian "Basi" Roeder shortly had to interrupt his current obligations as the FOH sound engineer of MICHAEL SCHENKERS 2-month european tour in order to join the 1st issue of the Full Metal Cruise as the tourmanager and FOH-engineer for KREATOR.
Full Metal Cruise is a swimming heavy metal festival aboard a huge cruise ship promoted by the organizers of the legendary Wacken Open Air together with the travel company TUI.
From Le Havre in france to Amsterdam in the netherlands back to the ships´ starting point in Hamburg / germany KREATOR spent 6 days on the road and water and played two shows aboard the ship.