Live Recording

Our mobile recording setup is based around a Mac Book Pro with Avid Pro Tools software, an RME Fireface 800 interface, 3 eight-channel microphone preamps Audient ASP 008 with digital cards, and whichever selection of our microphone park your recording requires.
The mobile studio offers the possibility to record up to 28 individual tracks simultaneously.
We have recorded a full european tour of the band Rhapsody of Fire (released as double CD "Live-From Chaos to Eternity / AFM Records) as well as several concerts of Manfred Mann´s Earth Band with this setup.
Our mobile recording setup is a great option for artists and bands who need to record in special places like churches or concerts halls but still require the best possible sonic quality as well as professional support.
Whenever the artist cannot come to the studio... the mobile backyard studios might simply come to the artist then... 
Using the same DAW our mobile setup is 100% compatible with our fixed installation system in the studio, thus it is possible to immediately edit and mix the mobile recordings professionally in the studio.