Festival Summer

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled to several summer festivals in july and august, taking care of various artists as FOH-Soundengineer and tourmanager.
In detail:
21.07.16 TARJA Deichbrand Festival (GER) FOH
23.07.16 TARJA Amphi Festival (GER) FOH
27.07.16 KREATOR Metal Days (SLO) FOH + TM
29.07.16 SINNER 7er (GER) FOH + TM
30.07.16 SINNER Pyraser Rocknacht (GER) FOH + TM
30.07.16 PINK CREAM 69 Pyraser Rocknacht (GER) FOH + TM
26.08.16 BRAINSTORM Metalacker (GER) FOH
27.08.16 BRAINSTORM Neuborn Open Air (GER) FOH

All over europe in 3 days with KREATOR

The journey continued straight from the RHAPSODY show at the MASTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL in Vizovice in Czech Republic to spain:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR back to back to ROCK FEST BARCELONA (Spain), GEFLE METAL FESTIVAL (Sweden) and CHANIA ROCK FESTIVAL (Crete/Greece).


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled to Czech Republic, responsible for RHAPSODY´s FOH sound at their performance at MASTERS OF ROCK Festival.

´VARIX "Fear of God"

A small US-label recently re-discovered the 1995 demo tapes of the southern germany based metal band VARIX and asked for permission to release the old material.
Thus coming back together after more than 20 years the band decided to also write and record one brand new song to put on the release.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was in charge of recording, mixing and mastering for this new tune called "Fear of God" in his BACKYARD STUDIOS.
CD will be out shortly.
The picture shows drummer Andy Black during the recording session.

KREATOR at OUT & LOUD Festival

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder worked as FOH-soundengineer and tourmanager for KREATOR headlining the saturday at OUT & LOUD Festival in Geiselwind, which was also the band´s one and only german show in 2016.

Primal Fear Summer Festivals

We got exactly 24 hours at home after touring USA, Canada, Japan and Australia for almost 2 months before we had to take off again for the next festival run:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travelled as tourmanager and FOH - soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR to GRASPOP METAL MEETING in Belgium, METAL FRENZY in Germany and ROCK HARD RIDE FREE Festival in Poland.

Primal Fear Australia

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled to Australia as the tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR.
We did 2 shows on this first live appearance of the band in Down Under - Melbourne on June 11th and Sydney on June 12th.


Repeating the successful run of 2014 Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled again as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR to Japan.
We did 3 shows there:
June 7th Tokyo
June 8th Nagoya
June 9th Osaka
In the picture: PRIMAL FEAR, european touring crew, japanese promoter - and touring crew team.

KREATOR Summer Festivals Part 1

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder traveled straight from the end of the RHAPSODY / PRIMAL FEAR tour in Canada to the next festival run with KREATOR, in order to work as the tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer at the band´s back to back performances at METAL HEAD MEETING FESTIVAL in Bucharest / Romania on june 3rd, BARBA NEGRA TRACK in Budapest / Hungary on june 4th and ROCK IN VIENNA FESTIVAL in Vienna / Austria on june 5th.

North American Tour with RHAPSODY and PRIMAL FEAR

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went on a long north american tour as both - the tourmanager and the FOH-soundengineer for two bands, PRIMAL FEAR and RHAPSODY, alternating as headliners every night on this run.
28 shows in almost 6 weeks, all over the USA and Canada.