Church Organ Recordings

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder recently recorded a full CD of various church organ works for and - on site at - the protestant church in Oberstdorf / Bavaria.
The performance of cantor Katharina Pohl was captured through a small but high end recording setup consisting of 2 x Neumann M 149 tube microphones, Focusrite Red 1 mic pre´s, a Mac Book Pro with Pro Tools software, Motu-AD-converters and Genelec 1031A´s as mobile control monitors, allowing to achieve professional high resolution recordings also on site.
When we edited and mixed the recordings afterwards at the Backyard Studios, organist Katharina Pohl couldn't help but tell that she'd never heard "her" organ great like this before. :-)

Ludwig Pfeifer - Zeit zu gehen

A production that had been finished already a short while back now finally got released:
"Zeit zu gehen" (transl.: "time to go") , the second album of young artist Ludwig Pfeifer can now be streamed / downloaded from all common online platforms and is also available on CD.
12 high quality radio friendly and super catchy german pop songs have been recorded for this album.
Engineer and Co-Producer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder overlooked the vocal- and guitar recordings and also mixed the entire album at his BACKYARD STUDIOS.
Cool videoclips are available for the title track "Zeit zu gehen" ( and for the song "Weltraum" (

All the best and lots of success for you and your music Ludwig !

Action,Thrill + Suspense - new CD by Rainer Fabich

About one and a half year after his last release "Sax Club Mix" composer Rainer Fabich returned to the BACKYARD STUDIOS in order to work with engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder on his next album.
The new CD named "Action, Thrill & Suspense" was just released via Fajora Music.
Over the course of almost 70 minutes the CD contains 14 new instrumentals, covering a pretty wide stylistical range from musical insects to 80´s influenced electronica to film score-like tracks and symphonic / orchestral arrangements.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered the new CD at his BACKYARD STUDIOS, a long lasting collaboration with Rainer Fabich that goes ways back to the late 90´s and has included 11 albums so far.
Thanks a lot Rainer for your ongoing trust and your loyalty !

Stefan Bernhard Oswald-Neustart

Singer Stefan Bernhard Oswald recently produced a new CD in the BACKYARD STUDIOS with engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder in charge of recording, mixing and mastering.
The new album named "Neustart" consist of 16 cover songs and covers various genres from Pop and Rock to Country and Schlager.
The CD can be ordered via Stefan Bernhard Oswald´s homepage:

FRONTM3N-Up Close 2020 Mastering

FRONTM3N just released their brand new - "Up Close" Live 2020 double album / DVD via Universal Music.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mastered the audio for all available formats of the release - CD, DVD / Blue Ray and Streaming Services in his Backyard Studios.

Es war einmal ein blauer Planet, Francois Lelord, Voice Recordings

"Der Hörverlag" (Random House) recently released the audiobook "Es war einmal ein blauer Planet" by french author Francois Lelord.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder recorded actress Bernadette Heerwagen´s voice in his Backyard Studios.
The producer of the audiobook - while physically located on the other end of the country in a studio in Berlin - was remotely connected for this recording session, so he could listen and comment in realtime while we were recording.
An exciting way of audio production in the year 2020 (and in Corona times sadly).

Voice Recordings Gigaphon Entertainment

Author and Producer Peter Lerf from Gigaphon Entertainment recently recorded narrator Bettina Zech´s voice for a new radio play at the Backyard Studios.

GOTTHARD Release Concert "#13"

March 11th was supposed to be the date for the release show of GOTTHARD´s new record "#13" in Zurich.
But then Coronavirus came along and made all bigger events impossible.
An alternative solution had to be found quickly in order to give the fans at least a virtual release concert experience:
A professional film team was hired and a live recording setup was installed in the bands´ rehearsal room.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went to Lugano, Switzerland in order to record and mix this private release show.
By now the resulting video has been streamed by almost 100.000 people and can be found via the following link:

FOH Engineer and Tour Manager for AMARANTHE European Tour

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder toured as FOH Sound Engineer and Tourmanager all over Europe with AMARANTHE.
28 shows in 15 different countries were played, most of them supporting AMARANTHE´s hugely successful compatriots SABATON in some really big arenas up to more than 15.000 people per show.

Lead Guitar Recordings with PRIMAL FEAR

Our long term friends - and clients from PRIMAL FEAR started their year with some recordings at the Backyard Studios.
Guitarists Tom Naumann and Alex Beyrodt recorded their lead guitar parts for the upcoming album with producer Mat Sinner and Engineer Sebastian "Basi "Roeder at the Backyard Studios. The new record will be released on Nuclear Blast in the second half of the year.