FOH, Mix, FRONTM3N, Up Close

The entire live music industry is still struck extremely hard by the pandemic.
Almost all planned concerts and shows for 2021 had to be canceled or postponed (again).
The british band FRONTM3N were lucky enough to be able to play at least bigger parts of their “Up Close” tour during the few timeframes where restrictions had been lifted far enough to make it somehow possible.
FRONTM3N, whose last 2 live CDs/DVDs have been mastered at the BACKYARD STUDIOS, are:
Peter Howarth (The Hollies), Pete Lincoln (Sailor, Sweet, Smokie) und Mick Wilson (10 CC).
Sebastian “Basi” Roeder had the great pleasure to run FOH-mix for these fantastic musicians on parts of this year´s tour at these shows:

28.07.21 D-Regensburg
29.07.21 D-Remchingen
01.08.21 D-Würzburg
02.08.21 D-Bamberg

04.11.21 D-Augsburg
05.11.21 D-Laupheim
06.11.21 D-Bietigheim-Bissingen
07.11.21 D-Mannheim
09.11.21 D-Heidenheim
10.11.21 D-Hallstadt
11.11.21 D-Ansbach
12.11.21 D-Dreieich
14.11.21 D-Lübeck