Stefan Kramer - "Bullet Coffee"

Stefan Kramer - Bullet Coffee - CD Veröffentlichung

About 10 years ago STEFAN KRAMER recoded at the BACKYARDS STUDIOS for the first time - back then still as the drummer for the alternative band NOFFENCE.
In the meantime the young artist has grown up to multi - instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.
During the Corona lockdowns the first two songs of STEFAN KRAMER as a solo artist have been professionally produced now, resulting in two super catchy german alternative rock tunes.

During the production Stefan kept sending his demos online to the studio, while Sebastian "Basi" Roeder as sort of a "remote producer" would return them with further ideas, arrangement changes and additional keyboard - and sample tracks. An ongoing process over several months until both -artist and producer - liked the result.
Afterwards Stefan did not only lay down all tracks for drums, bass and guitar himself but also recorded himself in his home studio.
Just the brass recordings and of course all vocal recordings took place at the "real" studio.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered the tracks at his BACKYARD STUDIOS.

The first pre-single "Verlangen" was released as a lyric video in mid march and can be seen here:
Renowned newspaper "Augsburger Allgemeine" just published an article about this young artist and this first single managed to collect considerable clicks for a newcomer within a short time - so far without the help of a record company, promotion agency and without the support of live shows.

Today the main single "Bullet Coffee" premiered on You Tube. Stefan first real video clip was also completely self made with the help of some friends !
Please click and share it - this young man deserves some attention !

For all those who still value it a physical CD can also be ordered now via STEFAN KRAMER´s website:

All the best for you Stefan, many clicks to come and may your audience grow every day.
We hope to hear more great new music from you soon !